The “Only Yes Means Yes Act”

Madrid, Friday 7 October 2022

To all our users – visitors and announcers


Today we are celebrating the entry into force of the Spanish Organic Act 10/2022 on the comprehensive guarantee of sexual freedom – also called the Only Yes Means Yes Act.

We are celebrating today because we are happy that this law has finally come to fruition after so many years of preparation. As a platform we welcome the promulgation of this law because it protects consent and freedom in sexual relations. NuevoLoquo has always been committed to sexual freedom.

NuevoLoquo is a website that promotes a healthy lifestyle. In this website you will find a wide range of interesting articles about beauty, eroticism and health. At the same time, it also places the announcements of those who offer or are looking for companionship, massages or sexual relations-for people who freely exercise their sexuality-, without promoting or encouraging or boosting such relations in any case. In that regard, Nuevoloquo’s activity is limited to placing the announcements of those who, in the exercise of their freedom of expression and sexual freedom, choose to do so.

The main purpose of this new law is to protect people from sexual violence, in particular to sexual violence committed in the digital sphere, which includes the dissemination of acts of sexual violence through technological resources, non-consensual pornography and sexual extortion. Thus, sexual violence infringes the fundamental right to freedom, physical and moral integrity, equality and dignity of the person and therefore cannot in any way be tolerated. The key words in this new law are “freedom” and “consent”.

In this new law, then, it is more specifically about sexual freedom. That means the “the right to decide freely” limited only by the freedoms of others, without interference or impediments from third parties and free from coercion, discrimination and violence.

Freedom in all its forms, including sexual freedom, in a world without violence, discrimination, without prejudice, without stigmatization and without condemnation of others just for who they are and for what they feel and for what they freely decide with their sexuality, is a great good as far as we are concerned. Of course, freedom also means the freedom to say No to sex or rather say No to someone who would like to have sex with you, while you don’t. And this is what the new law is of course also about.

We once started years ago as a platform for people looking for friendship, a love affair or a cosy date. Besides being a meeting place for friendship, love and dating, after a while our platform was also discovered by people seeking or offering sexual adventures.

On our platform, we got more and more people looking for sexual adventures as well. After all, and as mentioned, the freedom of everyone to have their own sex life without interference or impediments from third parties and without space for violence, discrimination, prejudice, stigmatizing and without condemning people for who they are, for what they feel and for what they freely decide is something we fully agree with. We, as the NuevoLoquo team, we are open minded, we are not prejudiced and we are against stigmatize people. In any case, we merely place the announcements of people seeking or offering companionship, massages or sex, we do not promote or encourage prostitution.

This free will however is not only a strict condition for us to accept a sexual announcement but we are also keen to ensure that this free will actually exists. Therefore, at the slightest suspicion on our part that there might not be full free will to announce a sexual adventure on our website, we have always taken immediate action by firstly rejecting refusing directly such announcements. This is part of our internal policy to which as announcements and announcers must comply. Over the years, we have also invested a lot in actively checking whether there could be something wrong with an announcer’s free will. With this regard, it is worth mentioning that we also have rules that both the people who place announcements and the content of what they announce must comply with. These rules are strictly enforced by our team, who actively and carefully monitor compliance with our rules. Our team is also trained to pick up on possible signs of abuse and, as mentioned, take action.

In addition, we encourage visitors and users not only to refrain from the sexual relations offered by freely announcers in case of any suspicion that there is no full free will but to protect the person in question in that case by reporting to social services or the police. In doing so, we also remind them that such a report can be made anonymously by them. In this way, they take on a very important role in the fight against any kind of abuse, specifically sexual abuse.

After all, to guarantee the right to sexual freedom, people are obliged to make sure that full consent exists. In other words, if people have any type of sexual act with each other, each of them must have said Yes to it. This is why the Spanish Organic Act 10/2022 on the comprehensive guarantee of sexual freedom is also called the Only Yes Means Yes Act.

For us as a platform the Only Yes Means Yes Acy gives a substantial added value to our longstanding commitment to always keep a sharp eye on the fact that every announcement has been placed by a announcer who himself or herself wants to make full use of the free will to practice any type of sexual act.

In NuevoLoquo we do not tolerate any type of behaviour that restricts or constrains consent in sexual relations. So, we encourage to all the people who do have a date through our platform once in a while, don’t just be vigilant but also are obliged to report to social services or the police in case you notice any type of suspicion of sexual abuse.

In other words, also before going a date, please make sure that your date’s partner will is governed by freedom. Otherwise refrain from having any type of sexual relation and bear in mind that you are obliged to report to social services or the police in case you notice any type of suspicion of sexual abuse.

Cheers,… your NuevoLoquo team

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